About Us

     Its been a long road for me my name is Daniel Scott, I started out as a boat carpenter in a ship yard when I was 18 years old. I was willing and ready to learn the trade. I an so very thankful that I had some of the best finish carpenters to learn from. They were really master carpenters and I learned a lot from them. After 8 years the oil field bottomed out and company I was working for went out of business. Then I worked for a General Contractor for a couple of years and learned a lot about commercial work and framing. Then I figured it was time to try it on my own so I started a small company called Scott's Carpentry, We did sheds, cabinets, additions, and repairs. That went well for a few years but I wanted more. So I got a very good partner and we started Scott & Wilson Homebuilders Inc. We built as many as 10 houses at a time only God knows how many. That company stayed in business for many years and we were one of the biggest home building companies in Houma. Then like they say every good thing must end and we both went our separate ways. After that I named my company Daniel Scott Custom Homes, I built houses for a few years then the economy started going down and I started doing remodeling and repairs. Then I realized that the name no longer fit what I was doing, so that's how Custom Home Specialist got started its a new name but the owner has over 30 years experience.

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